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It might be your first time, but that doesn't mean you've gotta kiss like a noob! ;) Here are a couple tips to make your kissing game strong.

Pre-Kiss Prep

+ Brush your teeth! Not just the day of. Have a solid oral hygiene routine. Brush morning and nigh, floss, use mouthwash. Make good breath a habit, because you never know when somebody's gonna wanna get ALL UP IN YO GRILL.
+ Shave! For the dudes, make sure your face is either bearded or silky-smooth. Stubble is rough on the face. #truth
+ Soft lips! The best defense against chapped lips is actually not chapstick – it's drinking lots of water. Dehydration is the cause behind many a scaly gross lip. Applying chapstick regularly doesn't hurt either, but only if you need it. You can also try (gently!) exfoliating lips with a toothbrush or towel.

What to Avoid

Some things will just make that first kiss with someone a total drag. Avoid this like:
+ Lipstick or sticky glosses – it'll get all over your partner's face! Not fun to clean off later...
+ Strong perfumes or colognes – subtle is the key with fragrance.
+ Being super wasted. A little tipsy is fine, but you don't want to not even be able to remember kissing that person! Or worse, stink of booze and or vomit...
+ Stinky foods – cheese, curry, garlic, etc.

Finding the Perfect Moment

+ Alone together: Go somewhere away from other people. Go to a place that's somewhat private or secluded.
+ Good excuses to escape from a group: see if they want to step outside for some air, go for a walk, or help you do something in another room.
+ Read their body language. Signs someone's thinking about kissing you: they frequently look at your mouth, lick their lips a lot, get really close to you, touch you more (seemingly by accident), drop to a deeper or more hushed tone of voice.

When The Moment Is Right...

+ Get close. Slowly close the gap between you and your partner's face.
+Move slow. No sudden movements; somebody might chip a tooth.
+Build the tension. Look into their eyes, and down at their mouth...
+ Kiss. Using light, gentle pressure, touch your lips to theirs. ALWAYS START CLOSE MOUTHED. Don't introduce tongue until you're super comfortable with close-mouthed kissing.
+ Where should your hands be? On their waist, hips, neck, face, hair... wherever you want!
Just trust your instincts and let the kiss pull you in. Pay attention to how your partner responds to each touch, and listen to their body. You'll have a great first kiss with them!
Tagging some new faces I've seen in the Talk discussing kissing :) What do you guys think – are these good tips? Helpful? Got anything to add? :D @codymccl @BryanHolley @BrianRichardson @YeahImTucker @haley1999bollen @cambodude7 @JordanRivera @gageasmith
Any other kissing questions? Ask below!
@AlloBaber there's other way to let me know that she wanted me . not by traumatizing me for life
my first kiss was stolen from me Danm girl kissed me out of nowhere ..I was just talking to her casually next thing I know she got on my face and sucked on my lips like the were candies and almost swallowed them 😭😭😭😭😭😭
And YES @ZoilaObregon @EasternShell thanks so much ladies 😄😄 that's a great idea about tongue brushing. It's not glamorous, but it must be done. Lol!!
Also important: speed! Sloth pace is no fun, but neither is speeding through it like cookie monster on a cookie! Find a pace that's somewhere in the middle of those two extremes to start with XD
You're tips were excellent as always:) For those who are into tongue kissing. Don't forget to brush your tongue. If you really like garlic like I do lay off them for a few days. Too much garlic seeps through your skin. Just my 2 cents.
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