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If you don't know what GOG is and you love PC gaming you should educate yourself. Mostly because it's the best alternative to Steam that exists. It's almost as if they look at whatever Steam is doing, then turn around and look at their whiteboard that says "How can we be better than Steam" and then they write down all the ways to be better and then they do it.
I know that sounds like a dumb way to describe how GOG works but it's the truth. Their DRM free policy allows me to buy games from any computer and download them on my personal one when I get home. You don't even need to download their client. You can do it straight from any browser. /end shilling.
Today they announced that they're implementing an Early Access program that's a little bit like Steam's but without all the bullshit that floods Steam Greenlight or whatever it's called.
In the announcement on their blog, they clearly state that they'll be handpicking all the video games they include in their Early Access Program known as Games in Development. One of the biggest things about their program that I'm really into is their simple refund policy.
The fact that they'll allow you to refund your games within 2 weeks without asking questions is something that Steam should have been doing from the start. They even have a 30-Day refund period on their standard catalogue just in case you buy a game that your computer can't run, you big idiot, Paul.
You dumb dumb idiot, come on, you know your little laptop can't do anything other than play Dig Dug and horseshoe crabs -- which is a game that you made up where you tape a piece of looseleaf onto your computer screen and then spit gum at it in the shape of a horseshoe crab. You silly idiot.
This sounds pretty interesting, I'll have to check it out.
That refund policy is pretty sweet. Doesn't Steam have some limitations like amount of time the game was played? Either ways, this seems pretty cool. Will be checking it out~
sounds like it was written by someone who doesn't even use steam. steam is a pretty great client and usually doesn't require you to download a whole new client for a new game, it's all run off of steam. as a steam user, I can personally vouch for it as a good client without many bugs, and you can download a bunch of games and even user-created mods for the games from steam that can add an extra element of versatility. keep in mind that this extra versatility comes at the cost of security risks and that steam should be used with some user skepticism and caution - check reviews on games and mods before you buy them and you should have no problems with it