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Grandparents. A wonderful thing. Until the anime comes out that is. At the mention of anime I have heard Grandmas give one of three reactions: 1) "You're going to hell!" 2) Indifferent 3) tries to understand but is like 馃槓 4) "Cosplay? You're too young to be having sex!" (I don't want to know what this one has been doing)
Then there is my grandma who has officially won grandma of the year for the past three years for one reason: She Loves Anime! Yes you heard me, my grandma, my little 4'11", soon to be 70 year old grandma, loves anime.
It started about three years ago when I got my sister into anime before she started being mean to Granny, and they were really close. My sister started with Soul Eater, and my Grandma would watch it with her and REALLY liked it (especially Death the Kid)! She then watched Ouran High School Host Club (Likes Tamaki), ALL of the Black Butlers, and 10 episodes of Fairy Tail. We regretted the Black Butler one because she then spent a week "talking British" and calling herself "One hell of a Granny!" (You can tell who's her favorite) an she said she only made it that far in Fairy Tail because of Gray's stripping habit, she's such a perv 馃槤!
From there she also saw Innocent Venus, Kaze no Stigma, Girls Bravo, and Spirited Away on her own and watched Sword Art Online with me.
After that she started helping me with costumes and taking me to Ramencon and Precon Events. She's even dressed up as Undertaker from Black Butler for a few of them! It fits her well since she's got the goofy grin.
That was to a con in the Summer. Come fall and I messed up my leg so while waiting for mom to tell me to go to the doctor, we sat down and started Psycho Pass which she really enjoyed! The appointment revealed I tore my ACL so after the surgery I was kinda stuck in bed with nothing to do but watch anime so Granny sat around with me and we finished Psycho Pass, Magi, My Little Monster, The Irregular at Magic Highschool, Ame and Yuki Wolf Children, The Castle in the Sky, and Death Note.
She freaking LOVED Death Note! That one caused some issues though due to me liking Light and agreeing with his values, and she REALLY loved L an called me Satan for agreeing with Light. When certain events with L happened that Light caused, oooh shit went down! She was cussing mad! 馃槅
We also started InuYasha and I have the Feudal Combat game which she continues to claim she has no clue what she's doing, but continues to kick my ass! It's annoying but fun! She said if we ever cosplay it to give her an advance so she can grow her hair out to be Kaede!
She's helped me with so many costumes, and we won an award last year for Bishomon from Noragami. She is by far the coolest Granny, so I guess she wasn't wrong. She really is "One Hell of a Granny"!
Love You Granny!
Card requested by @danidee , but she does deserve the recognition! She's seen as a God among my anime friends after all 馃槅 Also comment any amusing or crazy reactions your grandparents have had or if you can relate!
my grandpa thinks I'm a super weeaboo that will go nowhere in life and hates me my grandma thinks that all anime is porn
@naruto484249 That's my mom so the pain is known
@naruto484249 @SarahSutcliff I feel ya on that one people who know I watch anime say their more for kids I say you are wrong
@SteveZuniga tell those people to watch "Boku No Pico"
I told them that two months ago and now they're like this is awesome man just finished 5 anime's