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Probably not Spider-Woman's best plan.

Granted, it wasn't actually part of her plan. The Skrulls don't really run on our schedule, as we were reminded in Spider-Woman #3 (by Dennis Hopeless). They kind of just show up and ruin everything whenever they feel like it, contractions be damned.
I'd be kicking too.
You'll never guess what happened.
You probably guessed what happened.
Womp womp.

What are we supposed to make of this?

On the one hand: I'm really excited to see a comic exploring the difficulties of being a parent and a superhero. Because that's an important story and parents don't get enough credit for being heroic all on their own, and it's a part of the characters' lives that isn't really addressed (unless it's a panel showing a hero's child at home safe with the wife).
On the other hand: Isn't surprise!labor a little... trite?

A baby is just like a permanent period... wait what?

To me, this just seems like another version of the same old story. Women are held back because women are inherently flawed, men are better equipped to deal with tough things like heroism and real jobs because they're just built better.. ugh. I'd like to be wrong, I'd love to see this comic twist it around and take it in a new direction. But is that what's actually happening here?
I see her as being an even greater hero just because she took it upon herself to fight WHILE pregnant, showcasing how strong and dependent a female hero (whether prego or not) can be. In any case, it's not common to see many female heroes pregnant AND fighting against forces with bad intentions. That hasn't been a keen point of view, and the panels here show how strong women can be, even in a tough position. But I like both of your ideas on this for sure, and I don't care what anyone says. Females carrying a human being inside of them for 9 months, then birthing and caring for that child is the greatest heroism and realest job anyone can have. Hahaha. Nice card Shannon. Great topic. @LAVONYORK @shannonl5
Yeeeeeah. I'm gonna be real careful here, because the ability for me to get incredibly pissed off can come easily on this subject. Maybe the idea of her water breaking and going into labor at the wrong time IS trite, but that's also a touch of reality in your fantasy. She's tried to take it easy the entire pregnancy! In the end, there she is, getting highly stressed by being trapped in an alien hospital with no one to help her save all those pregnant mothers. That's exactly the kind of thing that kicks off labor in a woman who's in the end of her third trimester! We don't know how she gets out of this yet! For the sake of discussion, I'm going to assume that they're going to show us the way that she not only gives birth, fends off the Skrulls, protects her child and the other mothers and children, and gets out of danger. How exactly is that shallow? How is that weak? She isn't flawed because she's in labor. Labor hurts. I can confirm that in spades. I've done it twice. (My minion didn't play by the rules either, by the way. Lol) There is NOTHING tougher than a woman giving birth...except maybe one giving birth while fighting off villains. (Side note: it's not supposed to hurt when your water breaks so there could also be a complication, as well? I wondered if he just made a misstep there or if it was intentional.) Ok. So. That being know I'm a single mother. My husband was killed when my son was one. To say that a child holds you back is complete and utter Bullshit. I see that excuse constantly. The only person who that comes down to is You. You choose to work your butt off or not. You support your kid or not. Some sit around and lament about how a child held them back and they didn't get to do this or that. That's. On. Them. There are single mothers fighting to go to school and work two jobs, winning Olympic medals, and running Fortune 500 companies. They all go home every single night and feed, play with, love on, and cherish their children. To those children, mom IS the superhero. This is a huge opportunity for Marvel and Dennis Hopeless to something amazing. I truly hope they do it right.
@LAVONYORK I didn't see it that way, I think it put her in one of the toughest moments you can have. in her case she's doing hero stuff but the baby's coming out. now on top of everything else she has a new baby to protect and in that situation the baby is in the most danger
@shannonl5 @LAVONYORK I don't see it the same way. I had a coworker, and she had given birth to two kids during the time I worked with her. For both of them, she was on bed rest for five months. She was a mess. I was there when my mom miscarried. I saw the whole bloody mess. It can be a very vulnerable time for you ladies. And at one time in history before modern medicine, it could be life or death. I can also imagine that pushing something the size of a small watermelon, out of an opening the size of a strawberry, isn't fun. I have respect for what you all have to go through to bring a life into this world. Yeah, it makes you physically weak because of what it puts your bodies through. It is not a weakness though.
@kuzuri96 I was in the room when my son was born and I'll tell you right now I never felt so weak in my life compared to someone else, that was more strength than I know I have
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