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Bringing Out the Bad Boy (fanfic)
Okay so I told @MadAndrea that I'd post a link when I finally finished my Jimin fanfic that spiraled out of control. I finished at a crazy 20 pages. Anyway, I'm posting the link bc it's easier and it's smut so don't want to run into any problems. Though, it doesn't start off as smutty. Anyway here's the link! http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1081217/bringing-out-the-bad-boy-noona-jimin-parkjimin-jiminambwbangtan
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@ZitaMahoney sorry but it's a sad reality for me
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no worries
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No worries at all... I enjoyed writing it and I'm sure there are others that have no problems with the noona romance.
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of course and as long as you liked writing it that is what counta
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