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This year I have decided to pick one artist every month and introduce them to you guys. It may be an artist you know of/ have heard of, or know absolutely nothing about. You may like their style or not but that's up to you to decide.
So anywho, the artist for the month of January is none other than the ever talented 기린 (Kirin).

Who is he you ask?

Well he is a South Korean rapper that is slowly making waves with his funky style and worming his way into mainstream with his retro styled music.
His style is really old school. And I mean really old school (maybe more 80's than anything else). And when I say old school, I mean from the way he raps to the way he dresses and even to the way his mv's are designed. To give you a better image of what I mean, think new jack swing, but 21c style and in Korean. But his music also has a lot of EDM and techno in it at least it feels that way......
He is currently under Stoneship home to artists like: Fana, DeepFlow, SleeQ, Nucksal, Jerry.K, and Don Mills...just to name a few. *Also, I'm not very familiar with the other artists sooooo*.
Kirin is an all around artist being a rapper, dancer, producer, art director, painter, and mv director. He has his own YouTube channel that I recommend you check out. It's right here: > <
I've included some of his popular songs below and also some of my favs which are different from his most popular ones.

그대여 이제 (With You)

This is one of Kirin's popular songs off his debut album back 2011 featuring artist Rhythm Power (whom I know nothing about)

Please Stay

This is one of my personal favorites (not really popular at all). This is a digital single he released in 2010 and I absolutely love it. It has a weird funky vibe to it that I'm totally digging.


Featuring Hoody and Qim Isle
This song has such a funky old school vibe to it and a super funky crazy mv that screams old school to me. *I actually thought that it was until I looked more into Kirin*

지겨워 (Boring)

I love the flow of this song not to mention that it was produced by Zion T. (just to brag on his behalf).

너의 결에 (Your Place)

This song has such nice cool 80's vocal's and everything going for it.
I mean I really love how well he pulls off this New Jack Swing image and his music fits in perfectly with the time too.
I shall tag all of you lovelies ^^
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glad you guys like the intro @Kamiamon @catchyacrayon glad you think you will listen to him please do ^^ @SunnaWalo your sold, I'm sold....everything's in place ^^ @Ercurrent please do enjoy his 80's retro funk/new jack swing lol
I don't know him but after listening to this he is someone I would enjoy.
He does new jack swing? I'm sold!
He really does have that funky 80s vibe! Not my style but he's somebody I think I would listen too!
he's my type! yes!!
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