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Hello, All Of My Relationship Experts!

It's time for us to put our minds together and brainstorm.
Last night a user messaged me with a question that read:
'I'm just wondering how do I ask a girl out while she is saying I'm ugly idk if she's playing around.'
I am leaving everything else confidential because knowing who the user is won't help you answer the question any better.
So, my question for you is -- should a guy ask a girl out if he's not positive she is interested or not? If so, how should he go about doing so?
Leave a comment below and let's make our Vingle fam's dream come true.
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PERFECT! if they're insulting you now, they'll insult you later on too @LizArnone
2 years ago·Reply a guy that has been called ugly by a few of my ex's before being in a relationship with them....don't ask them out, just go hang out as friends and if you feel some type of connection then make a move when you feel it's right =) Good luck and have fun!!
2 years ago·Reply
Perfect perfect perfect answer!!! @Bobs
2 years ago·Reply
@jordanhamilton Thanks!! just trying to help out!
2 years ago·Reply
You're very welcome and thank you!! @Bobs
2 years ago·Reply