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Hello, All Of My Relationship Experts!

It's time for us to put our minds together and brainstorm.
Last night a user messaged me with a question that read:
'I'm just wondering how do I ask a girl out while she is saying I'm ugly idk if she's playing around.'
I am leaving everything else confidential because knowing who the user is won't help you answer the question any better.
So, my question for you is -- should a guy ask a girl out if he's not positive she is interested or not? If so, how should he go about doing so?
Leave a comment below and let's make our Vingle fam's dream come true.
i agree with @buddyesd and @shannonl5 if someone is being mean and insulting they aren't worth your time. wait for someone who deserves your heart, not someone who seems ready to stomp on it.
I know someone who married with girl that always insulting him before and he really determind to get her.. so end up they get married but then he had to heard it everytime. I know to some people, love is blind
@jordanhamilton i agree with my colleague @shannonl5 on this, if she's insulting him its probably best to move on but going on personal experience I never made a move until it felt right, even if it took awhile. its possible to gauge a persons potential attraction to you by just being around that person in a friendly setting, and just pay attention to her attitude towards you and gauge her responses to you. make few comments
sorry..maybe I missunderstand here.. you mean she call that guys who ask her out ugly? if yes..then I agree with @shannonI5 they dont deserve you
If a girl's insulting you that's a pretty good sign you shouldn't ask her out! Either she's a jerk (in which case why would you wanna spend more time with her) or she's playing hard to get... in which case imo she's a jerk. (That goes for guys too) If you're just not sure and you still want to ask I don't think there's anything wrong with that- but be prepared to accept whatever answer you're given.
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