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My ap gov teacher used to be a journalist so he gets tickets to concerts, sporting events, etc for a relatively cheaper price than most people. He sells some of the tickets that he buys to his students and every now and then he'll hide them throughout the room and whoever finds them can keep them. Usually I'm not very talkative during his class since it's early in the morning but for whatever reason I was really energetic and talkative today. I had my back turned and was talking to the people who sit behind me and I saw him standing near my desk but I brushed it off and kept talking. Wanna know why he was standing there? HE WAS TAPING FREAKING SUPERBOWL TICKETS UNDERNEATH MY DESK!!! And I didn't even know until he started class, walked over to my desk, took the tickets out from underneath it, held them up, and told everyone about how I had Superbowl tickets inches away from my leg and didn't realize it.
Now if this were any other Superbowl I wouldn't have been quite as upset, but my all time favorite quarterback, Peyton Manning, is playing! Plus, Bruno Mars, Coldplay, and BEYONCE are performing at the half time show! How can I possibly watch the game at home on my couch in good conscience when I know that I had the opportunity to watch the game a mere 40 minutes away from home at Levi Stadium?! I'm really mad right now...
Oh wow....that is pretty cool how your teacher hides his tickets. I would not give away Super Bowl tickets if I had 'em though haha
Aw no!!!!!