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No worries, you won't get tipsy.

If you enjoy a few shots of sake every now and then, you'll be excited to know that the warm drink actually has some amazing benefits when it comes to your skin. Yes, you read that correctly. A Japanese rice wine you usually pair with your sushi can have you waking up like Beyonce. Flawless, honey. According to our favorite girl Chrissy Teigen, she informed viewers on her daytime talk show Fab Life, that the popular skincare brand SK-II's is inspired by none other than sake. While most of us are probably wide mouthed with surprise, for the Japanese, using sake for your skin has been a tradition for years. They even go as far as bathing in the wine on New Year's Day to rid themselves of evil spirits.
According the SK-II's, they use an ingredient in their skincare line called pitera ["derived from a strictly controlled natural fermentation process"] which is a strain of yeast found in the sake. How amazing and interesting is that? It's becoming a trend to find skincare products that happen to be infused with this all natural ingredient and the results happen to be amazing. So, grab yourself a shot glass, throw one back and keep scrolling to see a few products that will give you the skin you've always drank -- oops, I meant dreamt of.

Fresh® Sake Bath

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SK-II Pitera Essence Set

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boscia Sake Balm

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Would you give any of these sake infused products a try?

More than likely the bandages, I'm sure you're regain your moisture back. A good face mask or a steam facial and you'll be back to good in no time! :) @marshalledgar
I have the sake bath. It's amazing! Really pricey but it's worth it.
I'm willing to try
Yes it def is!!! And multi tasking, even better! @ButterflyBlu
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