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A Tribute to Our Friendlationships
Today one of my best friends from college texted our group thread with a boy issue she's been having. Obviously we all came to the rescue with words of love and support. And this got me thinking, "How lucky am I to have such supportive people in my life?"
Sometimes you just have an awful day at work, or find the guy are crushing on has a girlfriend, or you are just tired and need a little love and support cause you are lonely. And who do you all run to when everything SUCKS. Well, your best friends right?
This is a shoutout to all my friends, on Vingle and off. Thank you doing the following...

Thank you for being brave enough to let me in and be vulnerable with me.

Thank you for making me laugh even when I'm grumpy.

Thank you for remembering every inside joke, even the ones we created years ago.

Thank you for the for being my family when my family wasn't around.

Thank you giving me endless advice and words of encouragement.

Thank you for being the most significant of my others.

Thank you also to all the awesome supportive Vinglers, advice givers, and people out there. You are best types of people. @InPlainSight @ButterflyBlu @TessStevens @AlloBaber @jordanhamilton @paulisadroid @fikaocs @DamariusKelley @BigMitch @MilaMoreno @mattw6715 @QuintenTeague @TomasOlivares

What do your friends do that make your life?

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@nicolejb @istiyah I guess we got this! lol
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of course we do @MaighdlinS @nicolejb !!!!! hahahhaha馃榿
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@nicolejb 馃槈馃槈馃槈 *big hug*
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