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If Sword Art Online was created, would you want Kirito, Asuna, etc. to be in it?

Personally, if it became real, I wouldn't want it to have anything relating to the characters or guilds in the anime. I think it would be fun to have tiny references, but that's it. Why? Because that's what SAO was. It was a massive MMORPG where the players created everything, from their storyline to the leading guilds.
So, I'm glad to have that off my chest. Now, what are your thoughts? I really do want to hear them. Thanks!
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Tbh i wanna try asunas food and catch that giant fish..........馃嵆馃檶馃徏
I dont think it matters cuz theres gonna be someone who customizes there character to look like them
@InVinsybll always got the good points
I say no kirito and asuna... so I can create my gamer as kirito and then find my love of life as asuna in a game by forming a party when there is going to be a boos battle I think I win at life for anime/gamers don't you think
I would want to create my own character but have them as part of a quest because other characters had love life's in the game so why can't I