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One of the must thing to do when I go to Korea is to shop,shop,and shop more. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. So let's learn to to shop in Korea.
You are on the streets and it starts to rain...but you don't have a jacket. You go into the nearest store and ask an employee 자켓 있어요? Jakit issuhyo? Do you have jackets? If you want something else just simply replace the noun (examples will be up after this card) The employee will answer with 있어요 Issuhyo We have them. Or 없어요 Eobssuhyo We don't have it/them
Asking for a size 더큰사이즈있어요? Deo keun ssaejeu issuhyo? Do you have a bigger size? 더작은사이즈있어요? Deo Jageun ssaejeu issuhyo? Do you have a smaller size?
Paying: with paying credit card *note always carry money with you not all stores accept credit cards 카드받으세요? Kadeu badeuseyo? Do you take credit card? 헌 철만 받아요 Hyunchalman badayo We only accept cash If you don't have any cash and need it simply ask 제 일 가까운ATM 어디 있어요? Jeil gaggaoon ATM eodi issuhyo? Where's the closest ATM? Another way is 제일 가까운 헌금 인출기 어디 있어요? Jeil gaggaoon hyungeum inchulgi eodi issuhyo? Where's the nearest cash machine? After paying ask for your receipt 영수증 주세요. Yeongsoojeung juseyo. Please give me the receipt When leaving the store politely say 감사합니다. 안녕히 계세요. Gamsahapnida. Annyeonghegeseyo. Thank you. Good bye *at department store*
Next is for stores like the ones below Aka shop stalls
Asking for the price of clothing/shoes etc. 이거 얼마예요? Eguh ulmayeyo? How much is this? If it's far 저거 얼마예요? Juhguh ulmayeyo? How much is that? Shop stalls don't usually let you try clothes specially pants, shirts but it doesn't hurt to ask 입 어봐 도 돼요? Eebuhbwado dwaeyo? Can I try it on? If it's shoes 신 어봐 될까요? Shinuh bwado dwelggayo? Can I try these on? You finally decide to buy the item 이거주 세요 Eguh juseyo Please give me this one The price is to high and you want a discount 좀깎아 주세요 Jom ggagga juseyo Please give a discount (*try saying this with aegyo, or serious) Before leaving greet them a friendly good bye 많이 파세요. Manee paseyo. Please sell a lot. A polite way to greet their business well.
You might've stay at a stall for some time but you can't decide whether to but it here or wait to see what the other stalls have, you can tell the shop owner 더 둘러보고 올게요 Deo dolabogo olgaeyo. I'll be back after looking around some more (This is a must say if you have stay at the stall and even tried on some clothes because the owner might get a bit upset)
I'm ALWAYS without cash so knowing how to ask if they take card is so important for me hahahaha
@kpopandkimchi @poojas I'm glad it was helpful 😁
This is so useful to know! Thank you~
@drummergirl691 nope I wrote it write there's are 2 ways of writing goodbye If you are the one leaving is 안녕히 계세요 If the other person is leaving 안녕히 가세요
I think you misspelled goodbye. Shouldn't it be spelled 안 영히게 세 요?
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