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My eyes were open, I was in the surgery room. My mother believed it was time to bring the visions to end..... after that day. She said she no longer wanted me to be like this, but she's just doing this to get rid of me. She always finds an excuse to not want me and tries to make it simple and not hurtful.
"You really want me gone don't you?"
"Honey don't say such things, I never want you gone. I just want my happy daughter back, the one that used to smile everyday and was kind to everyone and was never afraid of touching people."
"But I'm still that girl, you just never bother to tell me what happened that day."
"Very bad things happened that night. The accident........ broke my heart into pieces. What Eun Seul did to yo-- that poor girl........ you don't know how much it had hurt me"
"Why did you care, she wasn't related to you was she?, Chanyeol cried too that day and I never knew why. Aunt Nina was there too. Why were you all crying over a girl that wasn't even part of your lives?"
"You have no idea, do you?"
"About what"
"......................that girl.......... she was you. You were the one who got hurt that night"
Lies, it all had to be lies. I couldn't possibly be that girl. Eun Seul would never do that to me.
Ah Ri ran away from the hospital, she had no idea where she was but she kept running countlessly bumping into strangers. Before she could reach to the streets, she was pulled back by a young man who looked similar as the one from her vision the other night. She started crying on his shoulder and the man just wrapped his arms around her as if he already knew her.
She had woken up on a bed that wasn't hers. She opens her eyes and looks around but nothing, she couldn't see a thing. She started to freak out and move around nervously and with fear. The man from last night came into the room and grabbed her by the arms.
"Yah!, hey!, it's ok....it's ok, you're ok. Calm down Ah Ri."
"Who are you?!, How is it that you know my name?"
"You don't remember me do you?"
Ah Ri faced the man with calm and stared. She didn't have her glasses on and she could only see shadows. She lets go of the man's hands and touches his face. Then it all started to make sence for her. She remembered, the lovely and fun days she had with the boy she met in the fourth grade.
She quickly lets go of the young man's face and he opens his eyes. Her face became pale and she got closer.
"If it's really you.......... tell me something only both of us know"
"You once kissed me but ran away"
"Chan- Chanyeol?"
"I told you I would come back didn't I?". Ah Ri quickly slapped the right side of his face with strong force and started to cry.
"You left without telling me!!, you didn't even left a fucking note!!!". "Why didn't you tell me that you were leaving?!!"
"......i'm sorry (waiping her tears away), I'm sorry I never told you. I just, couldn't see you cry...even though-"
"I was blind?"
"Yeah, that"
"Eun Seul did this to me didn't she".
(No response)
"TELL ME!!. Please.....I need to know if it's all true"
(Hesitating) "She did. But she didn't mean to, it was an accident"
"How do you know, you were not there". Chanyeol touched Ah Ri's face gently and sat her down on the floor closer to him. Her legs spread open on top of his and held on to his shirt.
"I missed you so much. You don't know how lonely I was without you. Eun Seul came back afew weeks ago, but she didn't come to the house. But the way she acts around me I already knew she wasn't planning on telling me. Aunt Nina was the one who told me. She said that if I wanted to talk to her [Eun Seul], I had to force her to come over."
"Eun Seul just doesn't know how to apologize. She hides away from her problems and waits for them to fade away........ a stupid way of ending it she chose."
"You never called. I was worried about you for weeks."
"Look at me, how could I face you after all this time when I knew you were going to be hurt and disappointed in me for leaving you"
"You could have at least told me, that way I would've known". Chanyeol stares at her for a while. He pulls her chin closer to him but was interrupted by a noise outside of his apartment.
"I should get going. My mom's probably worried sick about me".
Chanyeol turned her head his way and leaned in, stealing a kiss from her. The kiss went on for minutes until he lat go of her face and buried his face on her neck.
"I'm sorry Ah Ri, I should have told you what had happened to you before I left. God, I wish you didn't had to find out this way"
"Yah, having you here with me is more that an apology to me. Don't worry, you had nothing to do with it. I know you were jut trying to keep me happy."
He had walked her home, holding her hand tightly as if he had never held it despite the many times back in their high school years. Ah Ri lets go of him and stops walking. They stare at each other for a long time. Chanyeol took the pitch black glasses off her eyes and kissed her, holding her waist close to him and his left hand on her neck bringing her face closer to his. As they both gasp for air, Ah Ri smiles. It was the first time in years Chanyeol had seen her smile without her serious face as he remembers past memories. He looks at her trying to reach her hight and leaning his forhead on hers, staring at her now grayish blue eyes when they used to be a darkish brown.
Ah Ri's mother answers the door not seemed bothered of Chanyeol holding her daughter's waist and quickly takes Ah Ri into her arms, whispering "thank you" back to him. As they walk in, Ah Ri turns back and gives Chanyeol a warm hug placing her head on his chest.
"Please....... promise me you'll never leave me again"
"Never again....... I promise"
"You knew he was back. Why didn't you tell me?"
"Your aunt Nina called, she asked about you"
"Don't try to change the subject as if you didn't hear me. Answer me ommani."
" (sighs) Yes, yes I knew he was back and I couldn't tell you because then you would've ran trying to find him. You know I could have lost you because of what you did last night. If wasn't for him I wouldn't have you in front of me right now."
"How did you know he was there?"
"I called him..... to see if finally it was time to tell you the truth or not, I needed him there for back up. We both know you never take the things easily"
"And did you really think I wouldn't react the way I did?, for god's sake mom you hid a huge secret away from me and told me countless lies about how I lost my eyes!!, How was I supposed to react, huh??!!, WITH A FUCKING SMILE ON MY FACE?!!, IS THAT WHAT YOU WANTED??!!"
"it was just an accident. Tell me, if it was "just an accident" why hasn't she came here and apologize!"
"Do you really think she would have the courage to face you and look at her own cousin for which she had destroyed and told you "i'm sorry" just like that?. Eun Seul is-"
"OH STOP DEFENDING HER!!!, I've heard the way you speak towards her, the way you treat her, and the fucking way you spoil her!!!!. She is not your daughter!. What happened?, now that I'm blind you don't consider me your daughter anymore, is that what it is?, that I was not worthy of your care?. You are MY mother NOT hers!!, understand that she's just your neice, that I was the victim NOT her!. I WAS THE ONE THAT GOT HURT, NOT HER!!!!!".
Ah Ri's screams echoed through the whole house. She grabbed her glasses, her cane and left the house. She kept replaying on her head what she had said "i was the victim not her"........... because she knew that deep down her mother knew she was right.