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I think I was recently tagged to do yeah I am doing it now!!!
Jooheon and I childhood friends that is adorable..... ^~^
I GOT MY BIAS!!!! I never do for these things heh!!!
I just want to say Thank You Min for looking at a potato like myself!!!
0~0.......WOAH HOLD UP JOOHEON YOU ARE THE FRIEND HERE!!!!! *drowns in feels*
Saves me.....from what??? Maybe from drowning in feels??
.....Well I got Kihyun as my bf! Not bad I guess I.M didnt notice me...heh
Yes Wonho I know you are the jealous type....I see you.....heh
My secret admirer is protective of me because maybe jealous Wonho is scary!! forward and now my secret admirer has become my bf and he will introduce me to his family!!!
It worked out well for him in the long run!!! Aww Minhyuk!!!
If you want I could make a short story for this!!!