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The original is done @thePinkPrincess. I decided to do this challenge bc it looked like fun Anyways, here are my results
1) The One That Sits Next To You In Every Class Not bad so far, I wouldn't mind sitting next to him everyday
2) Helps You With Your Homework Again, not bad. Although he must be really smart in order to be in the same grade as I am
3) Bullies You But Actually Likes You ........ So let me get this straight, you help me but you also bully me....... o-----k
4) Doodles Your Name All Over His Notebooks Awwww, that's cute. Why can I actually picture him doing this irl?
5) Leaves You Love Letters In Your Locker hmmmmm, that's cute. Although it would be kinda interesting on how he finds the time when we share all of our classes
6) Boyfriend Yay!!! My bias!!! How awesome is that. Altho I kinda feel bad for the other three
So those are my results, tag me for when you guys try this. I would like to see yours ✌✌