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While I never really felt any type of way about Valentines day, some people really fucking hate it. And I get why, there shouldn't be one specific day people show they care, stop force feeding me pink and love and all that jazz, ect, ect.
So for all you anti-valentiners out there, here are 3 amazing things you can do on Valentines that doesn't involve an aphrodisiac and snuggles.

1. Go to a hard core concert!

Pick one of your fav bands that you know really doesn't give a shit about Valentines and rock out. Spend the whole night losing your hearing and screaming your favorite songs with other fans who are way more in love with the music then the idea of smushing faces with their S.O.

2. Order in as much food as you could possibly want.

Restaurants will be JAMMED with loved ones and proposals will be popped just about everywhere. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be treating yourself to a nice meal! Order in from all your favorite places and FEAST! Because you know whats better then

3. Have a huge party with all your other single (or anti) Valentiners.

And get fucking DRUNKKKK! Just because you might not have a BAE doesn't mean you shouldn't be surrounded by those you love! Get wrecked with all your friends and realize that Valentines Day really is a day to show someone how much you lust them...can anyone say drunk hook up and a fantastic story in the morning?
yea I hate that crap Valentines should be everyday
ohhhh the concert one is good! get out all that anger... I mean what?