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Original card here-》 Created by the brilliant and lovely @ashleyemmert
Bam Bam is my best friend and he has the clever idea of walking down the dark alley as a shortcut to our hideout. It starts to get dark and creepy. You can just smell the storm that is brewing in the air. We our hurrying our steps when we see a figure approaching.
Youngjae approaches with a big umbrella in his hands. "You didn't you know it was suppose to storm tonight." He opens up the umbrella and gathers me and bam bam to his side as the sky opens up and let's out a torrent of rain. I look over at Bam Bam and smile and then look up to Youngjae and stare. He asks what I'm staring at. I just start to silently laugh as Bam Bam decides to stick his leg out and trip Youngjae.
Youngjae gets up and gives him a death glare. But he just gathers me to his side again and tilts the umbrella more to him and me. Making Bam bam all wet from the rain. Bam Bam doesn't like this and starts fighting with youngjae and breaks the umbrella in the process. I am in fear of getting hit and mad that I'm getting drenched. But upset at both these dorks for fighting. I'm starting to get extra scared because I see shadows of approaching figures when the nighttime sky is lit up from lightning.
But it was just JR coming to rescue me. He gives me His umbrella as I shyly look up to him. He goes over to Youngjae and bam Bam and gives them a good talking to. He then comes up to me and takes my hand and the umbrella and starts leading me away to their dorm.
As we are getting closer I see JB but he is not smiling when he sees JR holding my hand and me snuggled into his side. He approaches us and leans down and asks me to walk with him for a little bit. I nod my head in as quiescent and I go over to him. We laugh and joke for a little bit. But then a loud clap of thunder and lightning hit and I grab a hold of his side and bury my head in his side. once that passes I take a step out away from him but he pulls me to his side. "You know I will always protect you from everything Because I love you." My heart crashes because I know the next words out of my mouth will crush him. "Jb, I love you like a brother. There is someone else in my heart. I am so sorry"
JB asks me who. But as I was about to tell him Mark comes up to me and says it is important that I follow him. Once I follow him I ask him what was so important. "If you tell JB who you are in love with he will crushed." "But Mark, he is going to find out. I'm confessing tonight to the one I love." "Why tonight?" I motion for him to lean down and I whisper in his ear "because if I don't do it tonight I won't ever do it. Plus I held his hand and he saved me. I'm pretty sure he feels the same way as I do." Mark laughs out loud and JR comes up and catches my hand. and starts running with me.
As we we get a little bit a way from the others. JR stops and looks down at me. I start to blush and look down. He takes his finger and lifts my chin up and smiles at me. We peer at each other for a very long moment. I lean up and press my lips to his. "JR, I have liked you since I met you. I hope I'm not reading your actions tonight wrong and that you feel the same way about me?" I look down and away real fast. He cups both my cheeks and brings my head up to him. He leans down and there's only a breath of space between our lips. Peering into my eyes as we both get drenched in the rain because the umbrella fell. He looks at my lips and then again into my eyes. "I love you too and have for a very long time." He captures my lips in a gentle kiss. Then he adds a little more pressure and I sigh into his embrace as my arms go up around his neck and grabs the back of his hair. We part and his forehead is against mine and we are both smiling and looking at each other. But an unexpected member comes up picks me up and runs away with me.
Jackson runs all the way down the alley with me. And then drops me down on my behind. "Why where you whispering in Mark's ear earlier? How did you make him laugh? I'm the only one that is allowed to make Mark laugh." He says menacingly. I am shaking with fear and trying to back away from him. He traps me against the wall and it looks like he is about to hit me. But just in time a knight shows up in the form of Mark.
"Yo, Jackson. Did you not see that she loves JR. I was laughing because she said she didnt think JR liked her. She hadn't realized how far gone JR likes her. Come on Jackson She's our sister now. She is dating JR now if that makeout session. was any clue." At Mark's words a light goes off in Jackson's head. "Omo I'm so sorry. Welcome to the family again." Jackson said. He picks me up again but this time in a hug and spins me around "Umm Jackson let's go cheer up JB he is literally crushed because his best friend and her our dating now. You know how much he liked her too." Jackson nods his head and they both take off as JR comes up to me. "Let's get to the dorms and I'll give you some of my clothes to wear to dry off. Want to watch a movie when we get back?" JR asks. I smile at him and and say yes. He grabs my hand and walks away with me. Once we get to the dorms I change into his clothes. They are so comfy. I'm on the couch with a bowl of popcorn as he brings a blanket and sits down next to me. He wraps his arms around me and hits play on the movie. I smile up at him one more time and then kiss his cheek. I'm the happiest girl ever.
Omg! This is so awesome! @VeronicaArtino .... I want more!!!
@ashleyemmert right I was like shit no when I saw those results.
twas beautiful girl heh ^~^
@VeronicaArtino CONTINUE IT!!!!!!
@VeronicaArtino awwwe ❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you! I was like uh oh she done messed with markson she's in trouble now!
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