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For The Love Of God, STOP Equating Body Size Beauty To Health!
As you know, I am ALLLL about body positivity; which means I stalk body positive articles like its my job (why isn't it my job WHYYYY). But then after reading an article I do the one thing body positive people should NEVER do;
I read the comments.
And let me tell you, I just get disgusted with the WORLD. Most negative comments always try to bring up that body positive activists are trying to spread their unhealthy lifestyles and their just "too lazy to be normal pretty."
Please, do me a favor and shut the fuck up, because you have no idea what you are talking about.


Yes, of course, I am not naive, if you do not eat healthy or exercise you more then likely will be bigger but that isn't always the case and you certainly can not tell someones fucking life choices based on a picture of them!
Some people are bigger. Beautiful women like Tess Holliday are bigger, yet she works out 4 times a week with a personal trainer. She just is BIGGER.
Then there are some people like Nela Zisser who is a standard model (very small) who consumes over 10,000 calories regularly for eating challenges. But does anyone worry about her cholesterol?

No, because she isn't fat.

But that isn't even the biggest issue. People aren't just relating body size to health, they are basing someones beauty, their self esteem, their confidence, on a faux idea of a total strangers"health". And not only that, but people seem to believe that they have the RIGHT to comment on someones personal health if they are anything bigger then a size 6!! What the fuck.
Some people are happy to be bigger, some people love that they have a body big enough to fit their fantastic personality. Some people just don't feel the need to take up less space to make someone else happier. And if that person is happy, you have no fucking right to decide they are not healthy enough to be beautiful, to be happy, to love themselves.
Health does not determine beauty, so stop trying to bring the bad bitches down. They don't have time for you.
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Yes, I totally agree...I think we're on the same page with the important part ;)
2 years ago·Reply
Lol I'm done here. Not sure why I stuck around, but I'm on a major health kick lately and excited about the results I'm seeing.
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@edwardcw How can you, in one breath call others 'not open minded' then make an assumption that all 'liberals' do not understand reason and logic. That's kinda the definition of closed minded. In terms of you opinions on thr issues in the card written by @lizarnone, its more about the rights people have to be whatever size they want, and not be abused or a ashamed as a result of it. There's actually some current research that says that body weight in itself as an arbitrary measure isn't a good isolated indicator of health, but that's beside the point. I think the point Liz is making is that everyone deserves respect, and personally I agree with that point. Call me a liberal if you want, it's really just a meaningless label like many others. I think there are dumb people and smart people amongst every group. Attitude, personality and drive doesn't get reflected by somones size, and they can all be attractive. I know you won't agree, but I don't sit back and let other people's opinions get steamrolled because you 'know' you're right. Thankfully thats not how the world goes round.
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@InPlainSight you literally just always understand everything in my mind !!! Also that study seems interesting I have to check it out !! There are study's that say that fat shamming also increases unhealthy habits like not exercising for fear of more criticism!! Every has the right to feel beautiful and happy and it is our responsibility to make sure every person feels like they are important!!!
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Yes! Glad someone posted about it. And people seem to forget being obese is a medical term where it means a person is in a very high fat content for THEIR body type. I am a size 14/16 and I'm not obese. The doctors also comment on how I am very healthy. I am actually more healthy now than when I was a size 7. And the sad part is...people still get shocked if I said I worked out yesterday or that I don't love candy.
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