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Hey there! Welcome to Vingle Love & Relationship!

You've stumbled across one of the friendliest communities on the interwebs, home to people who love to talk about love, compare notes on flirting tips, give advice, and more.

We're so happy to have you!

I'm moderator @AlloBaber. Pleased to meet you! You'll find me and my support team member @nicolejb writing cards about everything from hookups to heartbreak (and pretty much everything you can think of related to dating, relationships, friendship, love, flirting, etc.)

Who are we?

Sometimes we call ourselves the Lovebugs. 😊 We are fun, WEIRD, silly, HILARIOUS, wise, kind, caring, generous, wacky, outgoing, open-minded, respectful, and always down for a good time. If you know what I mean. (Oh, and some of us are... a tiny bit pervy? But we try to keep it PG-13. You know, for the young'uns. 😉)

Got a love question?

We're happy to help!
Try writing a card (start the title with "Q:") or posting it in the Community Talk! We LOVE to give advice – whether you need help figuring out a relationship problem, brainstorming the perfect date, or decoding a super confusing text message from the cute girl next door.

So yeah, YOU'RE AWESOME and we're so glad to meet you!

If you're brand new here, get started by introducing yourself below! Say hi, give your relationship status (if you want), and name... hmm... the best place for a first kiss! :)
To learn more before writing your first card, check out the Community Guidelines!
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Hiiii @JamieArnold :) I'm guessing you are new? I'm nicole! what's your name??
I'm Kaydence
hi I Nicole. so happy to make a friend
@JamieArnold nice to meet you!!:) what are some of your hobbies?! :D
luv to read and write