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Oh, Megaman Battle Network, how I loved thee.
In writing about a game I wish I'd played when I was young, when it first came out, I was also spurred to thinking about games I played a lot of when they were new, and games I played every successive version of.
Plus, the weird Amazon Prime Drone™ that is our moderator-inator-gator, @paulisadroid wrote about Mega Man Legends. Made me think of the blue bastard.
I played a lot of Gameboy as a kid coming up, and I played particularly a lot of Gameboy Advance. One of my favorite series of games I played at this stage in my life was the Mega Man Battle Network series. I spent a whole lot of hours on each of these games, engrossed in the narrative and the weird gameplay.
It was (is?) like a card-based game that didn't feel card-based. The way you would draw chips from your folder was akin to cards from a deck, though it wasn't entirely turn-based.
It also didn't limit the player too badly to be reduced only to the megabuster. Especially in the later games, when you had the capability of shifting forms into some that are incredibly useful in their own varying respects
I really liked the original Mega Man games, and Mega Man X, but I think I've played far more Battle Network than any of the other titles, really. They captured me with the story so hard. It was awesome. All of the weird narrative decisions made somehow made sense to me, and fantastic sense at that.
Also, Lan is like, constantly wearing rollerblades. Respect.
I absolutely loved these games. Starforce too except I was sad when I realized Lan and MegaMan weren't part of it really
my favorite battle network is transmission for gamecube. I liked how they mixed battle network with the original megaman platform style
I literally played this yesterday on my Gameboy advanced sp
I miss these!!!! *waaahhh* So many memories!!
I played this so much but haven't touched it in sooooooo long.