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Yay! So I went searching and you know what? This is fun. It was difficult to choose just one favorite solo track, just saying. I'd like to thank to awesome crew that plans this events: @KwonOfAKind @lovetopia @catchyacrayon @JiyongLeo @Helixx And for this card I'm gonna tag: @Krin @AimeeH
1] Pic/GIF/Vid one or more BigBang with flowers. So, ya. TOP plus flowers equals... brilliant. And a GD because.... GD. (It's a really nice picture in an artistic way.)
2] Vid/song file of your favorite solo track. I can literally pick one favorite song from each members solo tracks, but Daesung is my bae. So I choose Daesung's Baby Don't Cry.
3] Video/GIF of 2 or more BigBang members on Running Man. So I basically loved that RunningMan made them do a magic chant. ♥♥
4] GD wearing a hat. So, you just like gave us an easy one right? Cool, thanks.
5] Pic/Vid of Seungri's 2015 Birthday. To think that that was only 7weeks ago. (Yep. I went on Insta today and screenshot.)
6] Pic/GIF/Vid of something non-BigBang that reminds you of BigBang and why. Okay, so I was at Walmart and saw these shirt/jerseys and took at picture to post on Twitter. I can not see jerseys with 88 on them without thinking of GD and Taeyang. I'm a complete dork.
7] BigBang nail art. I have no interest in nail art. This are sort of neat.
8] Vid/GIF of Daesung laughing. I have so many of these. Another easy one.
9] Pic/GIF/Video of BigBang member with a mullet. Daesung! Why you keep getting mullets? They were not cool during 2006 and they aren't cool now.
10] Mint TOP. Is that all. I LOVE Mint TOP.
11] Pic/GIF/Video of all 5 of BigBang getting ready backstage. TOP is sad without coffee. He is happy with coffee. My spirit animal people.
12] Pic/GIF/Video of Taeyang with a child. Him with Haru is the best. Yep.
Have a bonus of GD with Haru. And more TOP with flowers.
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@Ercurrent Then I will tag you next week.^u^ I love see everyone else's cards too. ♥
@TerraToyaSi yay!! Thanks:)
@TerraToyaSi I really like when Daesung wear those nerdy glasses... super cute
"Baby Don't Cry" = feels @TerraToyaSi @Ercurrent I have a Scavenger Hunt collection for all the completed cards.https://www.vingle.net/collections/4198172-Scavenger-Hunt Check it out to see other Scavenger Hunt cards.
@Helixx sweet!! Thanks:)