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Guys, the time has come! I've been busy with school (for those who don't know, I'm a senior in high school) and it's been quite hectic with all of these major projects. I finally managed to finish the first chapter (so sorry!!!)
Now, who's ready to read? I know I am! Lets get going!
A man slid on the door and thought about his group members. He couldn't believe what he just saw and he didn't want to believe it! He didn't want to think on how much damage this could cause to their group. He wanted to talk to someone, but who would believe his words?
He wanted to scream, shout with all his might, but he doesn't want to cause worry to his group members. They were all in the living room celebrating yet another successful concert.
He wants to be happy with them, but how could he? He wants to run away, but he can't leave now when his brothers are waiting for him outside of this door?
Seems that he has no other choice. He doesn't want to keep this as a secret, but it's best to do so for the sake of his group members.
He wiped the tears and stood up when a knock was heard from the opposite side.
"Jin-hyung, are you okay? You've been in the restroom for a while now and we were getting worried."
Taehyung, my dongsaeng, if only you knew....
"Yes Taehyung-ah. I'm fine. Just...slightly constipated." He felt sorry for lying to his young brother.
"Oh, well push all the poop out and come to eat some cake the fans gave us! They look cute and delicious!"
Jin cracked a small laugh by Taehyung's silliness.
"I'll be there, I won't take long."
"Okay!" Footsteps faded away from the other side and Jin sighed in relief. He turned the tap on and watched as the water ran out of the faucet. He cupped his hands and splashed some water on his face.
Glancing at himself, he wiped his face with a towel near him and plastered a fake smile. By the looks of it, he'll have to begin putting an act from now on.
He walked out of the restroom and into the living room when he spotted the members attacking each other with cake. What was the use of plastering a fake smile when the boys managed to steal a real and sincere smile from Jin.
Namjoon spotted Jin and signaled the other to sit next to him. Jin did so when he felt Namjoon's lips gently brush his temple. Being around Namjoon truly made Jin feel like a princess.
Everyone in the room was busy playing with the cake to notice the sweet act from Namjoon which made Jin feel more secure.
Namjoon and him have been dating for over a year now and they haven't confessed to the group members yet. Jin is terrified for the response, well more like reactions, of the group members meanwhile Namjoon trusts that his group members will be more understanding. But Namjoon kept quiet for Jin's sake.
Namjoon turned to his face where he could see Jin’s face when he noticed that his eyes seemed swollen. Jin stared at Namjoon wide-eyed, wondering why his boyfriend was squinting while having a curious face. Did he figure out that he cried?
Feeling uncomfortable, Jin stood up towards the kitchen to grab a bottled water. Jin wanted to punch himself for making it obvious that something was wrong. He knows that once they go to bed, Namjoon is going to bother him until he spills the beans. But he can’t say anything until he’s sure for himself.
He glanced at Namjoon who was already staring at him and was flustered when Namjoon smiled at him with his dimples on display. Jin suddenly felt bad for his beloved. Jin isn’t really the type to hide anything from the group members, especially Namjoon, but in this case, he has too. He can’t risk to disappoint his group members, nor their fans.
Hoseok appeared in front of Jin with a slice of cake. “Hyung, I saved a piece for you before the kids destroy it.” Jin smiled mimicking Hoseok’s smile. The latter took the chance to incline and whispered, “Hyung, you can tell me anything.”
Jin averted his gaze towards the cake and took a bite so Hoseok wouldn’t question him. It’s not that he didn’t trust Hoseok, but he wasn’t ready to say anything. But he couldn’t help himself for feeling and looking so miserable.
“Hyung,” Jin nodded with his head coward down, “You know that you can trust any of us. Don’t keep everything to yourself, that’s bad for your health.” Jin nodded once again.
“I know.”
Knowing that Jin was going to keep quiet, Hoseok walked back to living room pretending that nothing happened.
Jin heard Namjoon tell the kids something as he made his way towards him. Namjoon took his hand and escorted him to their room.
He was about to question his boyfriend when he was pulled to lay on the bed. He sat up only being pulled down to Namjoon’s embrace.
“Sleep, you need it.”
Jin smiled appreciating how considerate his boyfriend is, but he didn’t think that sleep was going to make him feel better. Even if he shut his eyes, he’ll wake up knowing that nothing has changed.
He glanced up to Namjoon who rested an arm over his head with his eyes closed. He rested his head on Namjoon’s arm and soon he fell on deep slumber.

I hope y'all liked the first chapter. I know it took me a while, but I'll try to keep up as soon as I have more time. Thank y'all for waiting so long for this! (It's not that good to be honest but oh well.) And if you want a tag, doesn't hesitate to ask ^_^

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