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haayyy fried chicken team haayyy!! #teamjaebum
oh my mark ❤❤ Oppaaaaa!!
wae?? what happened jae
got the strong maknae. haayy!!!
Maaaarrrrrk, you're making me blush
but mark confessed to me. Jacky
are we having a love triangle here . well....... I can't deal with it. Hhmmhh... folds arms
Jacky, don't be jealous. I'm gonna stick around OK. I'll give you equal time as the others. saranghaeyo❤❤❤
you start a fight then save me?? jae why are you complicating things could this be fate?
it was fun doing this card ❤❤
and that's a wrap ✋✋✋ annyeong chingu❤❤❤ @keziahwright @ashleyemmert
nicu. but why everyone got a mark confession but me I mean I love jackson and all and mark aren't ment to be
@britneyamanda funny but true story my nickname at work is fried chicken lol so when I read fried chicken team I was like wait.... DOES SHE KNOW? 😂😂😂
😂😂😂😂😅😅😅 yo bursting right now @ashleyemmert