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Saw this through BB squad's post and I am curious to see what I will get. Never made a card before - figure this may be a good start! fellow VIP fam and vingles let me know how I did! originated by @AimeeH of coz tagging the squad! @BBxGD @KwonofaKind @JiyongLeo @lovetopia @catchyacrayon @Helixx
since we were kids, YoungBae and I have always been together, bff with no secrets...
few years ago, one day he told me 'I need a girl'... are you crushing on me? coz I sure am crushing on you bad...@.@
out of no where.. I got a love note from a secret admirer... Wwwat?!
beyond belief, Daesung said let me take u out... u r too stressed out... relax, it's TOP who is crushing on u u lucky gal
somehow YoungBae found out and want to win me back by taking me on a wkend cruise..
but who am I to resist TOP? end up we have a very cute little boy, we name him - Minty :)
hm... u r cute, but I have my hands too full for another boyfriend... pls wait...
god know Dasunf got all jealous w Youngbae and TOP and decided to come sweep my feet of with his angelic singing voice..
as last attempt, YoungBae tried to win me by writing me a love song... one that bring me in tear right away..
though ended up Daesung is the one to me... I love Daesung. but why can't I get YoungBae when I have him for the first few cards?!
and WHAT?! I can't believe I don't have a single GD card!!!!!!!! I am going to cryyyyy..
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@lovetopia pls do! including TOP there're technically 3 kids... TOP himself is one 😂😂
@BBxGD U r just Lucky girl!!!!!
@katyng52 Yes... we raised all 3 together😘😘😘😘
we just meant to be *still cheessyy* @lovetopia
Thank you for playing! ♡