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Okay I got some really bipolar people in this like seriously @KeziahWright tagged me in her results and I decided to do it as well.... @ashleyemmert<<<<<<< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this is from her Screenshot game for Got7
I could see that. Our BFF ship name could be Bamissa.... ew no nvm lol
....why I always get the children.... I like the hyung lines.... but he's cool I can roll with it....I sound like a trying to be hip parent I'm not!!!! I'm a 94 liner I swear!!
Bruh!!!! I was gonna call you oppa since your older by a few months but nvm then let me call my friend to back me up....
You see!!! see what you did!! tried to hurt me and now you feel bad!!! I have that affect on people. ...
Why you trying me right now I ain't got time for your shenanigans you you guy....
Neh Oppa..... ..... OMG 2nd bae well he goes from 1st to 2nd with JB... JB is main bae
BUT why I don't I mean he wait nvm I know what he did to make me like... nvm..... xD ....ew no not that.... sickos...but all I know is I'd call him oppa if he said too
My love I'm sorry
didn't I just say I have that effect??? didn't Jackson tell you? You bi-polar ish!! Aish!!!! I got my main bae and he cray cray.... Waaaaaaae
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@MissyKim I'm not a hippie! Lol I just choose to love everyone. @PrettieeEmm I mean we all know he's gonna eventually leave me for mark anyways 馃槀馃槀馃槀
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Haha that's definitely true if he can't marry you he better marry who we ship him with so no one else can has him
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@ashleyemmert yes he will leave us for mark 馃槩馃槩 @MissyKim lol
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XD 馃槀 @PrettieeEmm
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