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Okay I got some really bipolar people in this like seriously @KeziahWright tagged me in her results and I decided to do it as well.... @ashleyemmert<<<<<<< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this is from her Screenshot game for Got7
I could see that. Our BFF ship name could be Bamissa.... ew no nvm lol
....why I always get the children.... I like the hyung lines.... but he's cool I can roll with it....I sound like a trying to be hip parent I'm not!!!! I'm a 94 liner I swear!!
Bruh!!!! I was gonna call you oppa since your older by a few months but nvm then let me call my friend to back me up....
You see!!! see what you did!! tried to hurt me and now you feel bad!!! I have that affect on people. ...
Why you trying me right now I ain't got time for your shenanigans you you guy....
Neh Oppa..... ..... OMG 2nd bae well he goes from 1st to 2nd with JB... JB is main bae
BUT why I don't I mean he wait nvm I know what he did to make me like... nvm..... xD ....ew no not that.... sickos...but all I know is I'd call him oppa if he said too
My love I'm sorry
didn't I just say I have that effect??? didn't Jackson tell you? You bi-polar ish!! Aish!!!! I got my main bae and he cray cray.... Waaaaaaae
Haha that's definitely true if he can't marry you he better marry who we ship him with so no one else can has him
@MissyKim good cause I'll take Jackson.... You hear that @PrettieeEmm HE'S MINEEEEE! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
XD πŸ˜‚ @PrettieeEmm
@ashleyemmert yes he will leave us for mark 😒😒 @MissyKim lol
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