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Sorry for the long wait! After many requests, I bring to you the second part to "Interview"!

"I don't play hurtful pranks on the ones I love most." Its been almost two weeks since he said those lines. Two weeks since you had agreed to give him a second chance. You couldn't lie to yourself; you missed him. At least if he broke up with you again, you wouldn't feel as much pain as the previous. Hell, you could say you're even expecting it. But for now, you decided to enjoy yourself again. You and Yoongi practically clicked; like a mended key to its lock, or two crumpled and creased puzzle pieces fixed to fit each other once again. The news slowly spread, going from your closer friends to classmates to even teachers and parents. Most people in the school didn't exactly know who you were, but they knew of varsity captain's girlfriend. It was like you were a completely different person to them now. "[Y/N]! [Y/N]!" You turned to see a fellow club member, practically lunging at you with excitement. She laughed at your dumbfounded expression, going on to explain what she was so ecstastic about. "Yoongi oppa wants to meet you in the musical practice room when the club meeting ends. He says not to make him wait!!" She squealed, as if it were happening to her. This was your relationship, shouldn't you be the one overflowing with joy? You gave a small nod, accompanied by a warm smile and thanks before returning to your work. After the club session was over, you packed your belongings and headed to the practice room. As you went on your way, a hand had spontaneously grabbed your wrist, pulling you into a dim-lit room. On instinct, you turned and threw a fistful punch, making a perfect hit at the attacker. "Ouch...do you hit Yoongi that hard when he tries to surprise you?" The familiar voice muttered through a swelling cheek. Your sight came to a focus, recognizing the now injured face to be Jimin's. "Ah, J-Jimin. I'm sorry, I thought you were someone else trying to—" Your words trailed off as the younger boy continued. "No, no its okay. I should have known better than to mess with Yoongi's girl." You internally cringed at the label. There it was again. Not '[Y/N L/N]' but 'Yoongi's girl'. "Anyway, what did you want? I'm kinda in a hurry." Jimin sighed, looking almost hesitant to speak. "Forget about it, it can wait." You raised an eyebrow, giving a look that said 'are you sure?', to which he nodded. After another few seconds, you left the room and continued your path to the musical practice room. "It's in the B hallway, right?" You mumbled to yourself, trying to recall the correct location. "Or was it the D hallwa—oof!" "Sorry, sorry!" Another familiar voice spoke, assuming it was the one you had unintentionally collided with, causing you to lose balance and fall back. "Argh..Don't worry about it, Taehyung..." You muttered, slowly getting up as grabbed your arm, helping you in regaining your posture. "I'm sorry if you got hurt anywhere; I can't really take you to the nurse right now. Have you seen Jiminie? I need to find him immediately." Taehyung spoke rapidly and anxiously, taking you a minute to process everything he had said. You nodded in response, pointing behind you. "I bumped into him about ten minutes ago. I think it was in the E hallway.." You directed, and he darted off in the pointed direction. Was Jimin okay..? He did seem uneasy when he tried talking to you, and now Taehyung was head over heels worried about him. You shrugged the thought off, and continued walking.
"Aish, there you are!" Yoongi smiled, walking over to you when you had finally arrived at the practice room. His mint hair was neatly combed, and his chocolate eyes were complimented with his glasses. You returned his smile, briefly explaining the reason for your tardiness. "Yeah, sorry. I ran into a couple distractions on the way." Yoongi shook it off as nothing, hugging you tightly. "Nevermind that. You're here now, and I wanna show you something." Pulling back from the hug, his hand locked with yours, leading you towards the grand piano. "I wanted to see if you remember this," his fingers grazed over the smooth keys in perfect rhythm, creating a seranading melody you instantly recognized. Yoongi shifted his gaze towards you, smiling warmly. "You remember the words, right? C'mon, I'll even start." You nodded slightly, tapping your foot to the beat. On the right time, Yoongi softly began singing the first verse with strong emotion. "Please don't think of anyone but me, Please just don't say a thing. Ayo...just keep smiling a me, yeah. I still can't believe it with my own eyes. I think maybe this is all a lie. Ayo, please don't disappear~" After a couple more beats, you joined in with the melody, as he switched down to a lower harmony due to his vocal range. "Is it true? Is it true? You, you. I'm scared cause you're beautiful. Untrue, untrue. You, you, you." The piano notes began to crescendo, as Yoongi put more passion into his playing. "Can you please stay here? Can you promise me one thing? If I touch you, will you fly up to the sky? I'm scared, I'm scared, so scared." As you sang, your voice grew louder and more confident. Yoongi stared at you affectionately, his smile only growing. "Can you please stop time? How about rewind? Would you forget everything, that we had? I'm scared, I'm scared, so scared." You took a deep breath, sitting up straight as you prepared for the chorus. "Butterfly, butterfly Like a butterfly, You're beautiful in the sky." Yoongi softened his playing, his face inching closer as you sang. "Butterfl—" Before you finished the note, Yoongi's soft lips attacked yours. His hands moved over from the piano as he left the notes to sustain, wrapping them around your waist lovingly. Blood rushed to your cheeks, only noticing after he had pulled away so suddenly. "Woah hyung, even in the practice room? At least lock the doors if you're gonna get it on with your girl." You looked over, finding the reason why Yoongi had unwillingly pulled away; a winking Jungkook standing at the door. After unwrapping his arms, the mint haired boy stood. "Jungkook, what do you want?" He spoke in his infamous dull tone. Jungkook thought for a moment, his gaze shifting from Yoongi to you, then back to his hyung. "Jin hyung is looking for you in the home economics room. He says he needs you right away." The older male sighed, combing his fingers through his soft hair. "Sorry [Y/N]. I'll text you later, okay?" He walked out the room. Jungkook smiled, sending a sly wink at you before following his hyung out the room. You sighed, tapping your fingers on the chestnut coloured wood of the grand piano. Pursing your lips, your hands found their way to the notes, fingers sprawling across certain keys to form certain chords. You continued the song where you had left off; before Yoongi had interrupted you. "Butterfly, butterfly. Like a butterfly..." You paused for a moment, playing the last chord that corresponded with the next line. "You're not meant to be mine."

So? What did you think? Part 3? Please feel free to leave some constructive critisism in the comments! I'm open for requests so please don't hesitate to ask! ♡♡♡♡♡

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