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Yes I know this is BTS but this is my life right now. I need to be cleaning my room. Adulting seems way too hard right now. Fangirling is much easier. @jessicaacosta90 we're off....
I can work with that.
That worked out perfectly... and we live happily ever after.
I dated him because of the glasses. I'm so shallow.
Really?! You're my crush and my boyfriend what more do you want from me?
I guess he didn't get the memo that I only like him for his glasses. Dude it's over.
Because that's what good crush/boyfriend/jealous people do. it makes sense.
Wait what?! Where did you come from? Stealing is not nice.
I guess I like bad boys since he steals things.
We dated, you didn't except the break up so you kidnapped me and now you're a stalker. My life is mess.
@ElleHolley Lol It was awesome xD My dad just looked at me all weird Lol But thaaaank you for playing heehee
Oh no don't choke lol @jessicaacosta90 I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the card I had fun
I legit almost choked on my soda with the 'I dated him because of the glasses. I'm so shallow.' 😂😭😂😭😂 Loved this one, thank you for playing xD