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Do you have what's better known as the "tramp stamp?" Do you regret doing it? Maybe you want to get one. Does this Trump ink inspire you to take the plunge?
Take a look at this fast informative video on the history of the Tramp Stamp.
I don't have tattoos. Don't think I'll ever get one because I don't like pain. Plus, I have NO IDEA what I'd get. But if you have a tattoo, I'd love to know more about it.
Tagging some folks from the Did You Know Community that might like this. If you didn't like this, I apologize in advance. Be sure to tag your friends that I missed if you think they'd like this too!
I have 7 tattoo's, and one does include one on my lower back. However I don't call it a tramp stamp. Whoever came up with that term was a complete idiot and a bully. No one likes those sort of people. *snort*
I have quite a few tattoos and like @Danse, I don't call it that either. 馃檮 *shrug* To each their own. I've been getting tattoos since I was 17 and I plan to get another in a few weeks. You just had that surgery, @marshalledgar! You can survive a tattoo! Lol! :P
@humairaa I think sleeves are hot. do it
um I just noticed there's a tat in that picture...
No problem @MelissaMae lol :)
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