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The entire NBA lineup for the NBA All-Star has been announced!

If you haven't checked it out yet, you can check the line up here ---> 2016 NBA All-Star Lineup!

But do you know what the crazy part is?

This will be the first NBA All-Star since 1997 that neither Tim Duncan nor Dirk Nowitzki will play in!
How crazy is that?
You always expect at least one of them to be part of it!
It won't be too long before they're not playing in any games 😞
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@KyleBerke That would be a sad many of my childhood heroes retiring one by one.
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@mchlyang I know... When I was younger I couldn't imagine basketball without Steve Nash
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@KyleBerke Ahhhh...Steve Nash. I kind of can see why you would like him haha. For me it was Allen Iverson
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