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This past week has been a whirlwind for the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Despite one of the best records in the NBA, the Cavs fired their head coach David Blatt. In Lebron's tenure, he they have lost a couple coaches under his watch.
There have been few (wait has there been any?) coaches that LBJ has stepped on and said he believes in and secured their job. There have also been a couple solid coaches let go under his watch as well.
Is Lebron a coach killer?
LeBron James says the criticism that he is responsible for David Blatt's firing as head coach is unfair. "I think it does suck that people want to throw my name in the dirt."
With that being said, their have been a couple questionable coaching changes on the teams he has played on. It's unlikely that the Cavs fired Blatt without discussing it with James first. I mean, what other excuse do we have for the Cavs firing a coach mid-season that is 20 games over 500'?

Is Lebron James A Coach Killer?

5 comments LeBron said it, people are just throwing his name in the dirt.
He's not a coach killer...yet. Dwight Howard is a coach killer
@KyleBerke Right and do you think Harden is one as well?
Nah. Howard's taken out : Chris Jent, Bobby Hill, Stan van Gundy, Mike Brown, Bernie Bickerstaff, Mike D'Antoni, and Kevin McHale. THAT'S a coach killer.
@KyleBerke Ahh you're right my friend hahaha