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The entire line-up for the 2016 NBA All Star has been announced!

Here is your line-up for this year's All-Star!

For the Eastern Conference we have...

Starters: Carmelo Anthony - Paul George - LeBron James - Dwyane Wade - Kyle Lowry
Reserves: Jimmy Butler - Andre Drummond - Paul Millsap - DeMar DeRozan - Isaiah Thomas - John Wall - Chris Bosh

And for the Western Conference, we have...

Starters: Stephen Curry - Russell Westbrook - Kawhi Leonard - Kobe Bryant - Kevin Durant
Reserves: Chris Paul - Klay Thompson - James Harden - Draymond Green - DeMarcus Cousins - Anthony Davis - LaMarcus Aldridge

What do my basketball fans think about this year's line-up? Do you think anyone else should have made the list instead?

@alohadaine Hahahaha I don't think he put up All Star-worthy numbers
Where Jeremy Lin on the list?
@mchlyang I have a lot of issues with all star games nowadays. They've become popularity contests that often fail to acknowledge talent. They generally lack any effort from either side, especially with respect to defense (defense is my favorite aspect of most sports). I could go on and on.
3 players from my team made it. Also reserves are supposed to be selected by coaches and they're not supposed to pick players from their team. But Lue being an all star coach before coaching 10 games?
@alohadaine Maybe next year!
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