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The entire line-up for the 2016 NBA All Star has been announced!

Here is your line-up for this year's All-Star!

For the Eastern Conference we have...

Starters: Carmelo Anthony - Paul George - LeBron James - Dwyane Wade - Kyle Lowry
Reserves: Jimmy Butler - Andre Drummond - Paul Millsap - DeMar DeRozan - Isaiah Thomas - John Wall - Chris Bosh

And for the Western Conference, we have...

Starters: Stephen Curry - Russell Westbrook - Kawhi Leonard - Kobe Bryant - Kevin Durant
Reserves: Chris Paul - Klay Thompson - James Harden - Draymond Green - DeMarcus Cousins - Anthony Davis - LaMarcus Aldridge

What do my basketball fans think about this year's line-up? Do you think anyone else should have made the list instead?

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@KyleBerke HAHAHAHAAHA such a perfect comparison!
Where Jeremy Lin on the list?
@alohadaine Hahahaha I don't think he put up All Star-worthy numbers
@mchlyang I know. He's so kind that he supports the other members and assist for others to score
@alohadaine Maybe next year!