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I remember that I used to have an imaginary friend named Ruth that I didn't actually believe was real, but felt somehow obligated to have once I found out 'imaginary friends' were a thing. I wanted one too! (Also, @matildajgarrett, I feel like you're totally Gary in this.)
First off, @MajahnNelson, bravo! Second, @Arellano1052 I have a tshirt that says that! :D Finally, I never had an actual imaginary friend but I've always treated characters in books that I read as if they're straight up, life or death real. (THEY ARE!) My friends and family give me all kinds of hell about it because I get seriously invested!!!! Lol. I don't quietly read a book. I'm talking back...sometimes yelling and threatening, snorting, laughing, crying. Yeah. It's a problem. They're my imaginary friends. >.>
And sorry for the short story. Just thought I should share an experience that I had involving an imaginary friend since they were being discussed. I actually never had an imaginary friend. I did like watching Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends though. That show was my life in elementary school. That and Codename:Kids Next Door and DragonBall Z.
I used to have an imaginary friend. His name was Paul. Paul and I did everything together. No matter where I went he was there right behind me whispering jokes in my ear. I was often caught snickering at jokes that no one else had heard. One day though, he started suggesting I do things instead of joking with me. At first it was funny things like spray my little sister with a water gun as she came through the door from school. Or hide my mom's keys when I knew she was about to go somewhere. You know harmful stuff. But as I got older Paul's suggestions grew more sinister by the day. He began suggesting that...I do things that would hurt people. Bad things. And he always found a way to convince me to do exactly what he wanted. I never said no to him. He was my best friend. You don't tell your best friend "no." At least that's what I thought. It wasn't until I woke up one morning in my parents' bed soaked, with a knife in my hand, and Paul at the foot of the bed with a smile that revealed every bit of his malevolence that I realized: Paul was NOT my friend. Whatever he was, he had to go. I decided to tell my parents about him. How convenient that I was already in their bed right? As I turned to face them my blood froze in my veins, my heart hammered inside my ribcage. There was blood everywhere. All over the sheets, all over me. Why hadn't I noticed before? Finally I laid eyes on my parents'...corpses. They were dead. My parents, who had seemed invincible in my childish eyes, lay there dead. Chests ripped open and skulls smashed in like deflated basketballs. Anyone would freak out, breakdown, scream, so on and so forth. But I, despite how tense I was a second ago, felt nothing. Only a calmness in my mind as if what was once rapids in my psyche had now become a lazily flowing river. The knife in my hand felt heavy still of a sudden and it hit me. I did it. I KILLED MY PARENTS. I began laughing. Normally at first. But it became more and more uncontrolled until I was laughing like a madman. And then I stopped. And stared. Just...stared. That was when Paul whispered in my ear, like he always had before,"Let's go have some more...fun." ....And then I woke up lol
I didn't have any imaginary friends, but (thanks to an old Jim Henson show) I did believe that my toys came to life while I slept. I took really good care of my toys, since I didn't want to hurt them. xP
I remember having an imaginary friend when I was a kid, she was also my best friend/"boyfriend"'s at the time imaginary friend. I remember it in so much detail it's ridiculous, her name was Britney(aka Britney Spears... we where obsessed with her) she was like 26 and had like 10 imaginary kids that she was never with... We used the closest in my bed room as the portal between the real world and imaginary world which looked exactly like my house... Yeah my childhood. 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
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