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THE BIG DAY: Jongkook: *knocking at a white door* Hey, (y/n) you ready to become Mrs.Jongkook? You:....... *about to open the door* Best Friend Jin: Noooooo...*remove my hand from opening the door knob* you know Jeon it bad luck to see your fiancee in her dress,before the cermony.
Jimin:* appears behind Jongkook* Hey, Jeon your not trying to sneak a peek are you. Jeon: *turns around* No...Short Park Jimin: (thoughts) This kid -_- yet you ask me to be your best man..... (speaking) Hmmmmm....okay
You:Jin thanks im glad I met Jongkook from you. Jin: Im glad that kid going to marry someone as kind as you y/n*hugs you* (thoughts) She grown up sooooo fast my little girl You: Thanks for helping me when I liked Taehyung....too.... Jin: *weeping and petting your head* Your growing up sooo fast y/n. Taehyung:*hearing from the other side of the door* Ehhhhhhhhhh..... Jin: *opens the door* Taehyung: *falls* owww... You: Taehyung?!?!?!?!??!
-meanwhile- Jimin: *walking with Jongkook to the asile before sitting,but ended up tripping on top of a guy, then the guy tripped on jongkook making him fall forward and tipping the holy water bowl.* Jeon: *soaked with the water* ...... Everyone: *shocking breaths.*
Jin: *Walks in first* .....oh no....*help Jeon by changing suits with Jeon even if it wouldn't have fit him fully and walks back to your waiting room* Y/n hey you wait there something I need to tell you something.... You:*turn around no longer looking at the door* what is it Jin? Jimin: *opens slowly and looks at Jin showing thumbs up* Jin: nothing...let's goooo...*open the door for you*
-afterwedding/party- Nam-joon: Sorry I came late there was a photoshoot I needed to finish. *bows in apology* Mr.Jungkook(Jeon) and (you) Mrs.Jungkook: It's okay. *looks at each other and smiles* Jeon: Don't worry you got here for the party that what count Hyung You: *grabs a drink and gives it to Nam-joon* here you go. Nam-joon: Thanks *chugged the whole drink* You: Omg Nam-joon that a strong drink are you okay? Nam-joon: yeah im get more if that's okay?? Jeon: Yeah....but be careful it strong... -few minute- Nam-joon: H....eeeeeewwwwwwww.....guuuyyyssss *drunk*
-taken pictures- Jeon: Y/N??? You: Yessss*turns around* Jeon:* kisses you* -flash goes the light- You: *blushing* You stole a kiss from me...*acting shocked and kisses him back*
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