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(Discussion) Is The NFL's Pro Bowl Important Anymore?
One of the coolest things most sports athletes look forward to is the All-Star game.
It's great to get a chance to play with the best in the game and get acknowledged by the best minds in the sport that you are one of the best players in the game.
While most sports have made the All-Star game a magnificent event, the NFL has fallen short across the board with advertising the event.
Ratings are dropping fast each year in people who view the Pro-Bowl.
Players seem to have lost interest in the current set up. The Skills challenge seems to be missing a lot as well. The top players in the game would rather stay home with family and friends then attend the game. What needs to be done to improve the Pro Bowl?

Is The NFL's Pro Bowl Important Anymore?

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warm weather
2 years ago·Reply
@Starbell808 Haha exactly!
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I actually like the fact that it's in Hawaii, but I think they need to find a new way to give the players a bit more incentive to play harder in the game. Maybe an added pay rate to the winner? Maybe allowing the winning team to automatically win the coin toss in the next Superbowl.. idk
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@christianmordi Yeah I was glad when the MLB decided to use the All Star to decide home advantage for the World Series.
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