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Hey guys! So basically long story short my wattpad account got deleted and I have to start over to build my collection up. I have 6 stories so far but I'm looking for recommendations. If you have an account I would love to read your stories. If you read on there tell me your favorite book so far! I'm up for literally anything. Kpop, fantasy, anime, sci-fy...if you liked it I would like to hear about it:)
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@melifluosmelodi haha yeah I get that.
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check out my story @
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oh sorry to hear that I have a few recommendations though, you can follow me @get_over_yourself if you have time, it'd be great if you check out my fantasy/SciFi book called Before The Sunrise @Ercurrent
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@LuckyTrio @PercyJackson I just followed you both. Thanks so much!!
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I'll inbox you some recommendations :)
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