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Korean Grammar 101: Have You Ever...
You're going to have people who are curious about your experiences so you're probably going to be asked things like...
"Have you ever tried Korean food? Have you ever seen a Korean movie? Have you ever been to Namsan?"

Here's the grammar pattern for: Have you ever tried...

1. Take your verb (먹다 - to eat)
2. Change it to present informal (먹어)
3. Add 본 적이 있어요?

It becomes: ___먹은 적이 있어요?

Have you ever tried eating ____?

한식 먹어 본 적 있어요?

(han-shik meok-eo bohn jeok i-sseo-yo?)

Have you ever tried Korean food?

You can say just yes or no but you can also say...

How to answer:

한식 먹어 본 적 있어요!

(han-shik meok-eo bohn jeok i-sseo-yo)

I have tried Korean food!

한식 먹어 본 적 없어요?

(han-shik meok-eo bohn jeok oeb-sseo-yo)

I haven't tried Korean food.

Listen at 0:33 to hear the Wonder Girls say it!

So, my question is:

한국에 가 본 적이 있어요?

(han-guk-eh ka bohn jeok-i i-sseo-yo?)

Have you ever visited Korea before?

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Yes, I live in Korea!! :)
2 years ago·Reply
네! :))) 올해도 다시 가고싶어요
2 years ago·Reply
한국에 가 본 적 없어요 ~ But I want to! ♡
2 years ago·Reply
안돼!😢 but I want to!!!🙏😇
2 years ago·Reply
한국에 가 본적없어요. 한국에 가 싶어요.
2 years ago·Reply