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We all know by now Stephen Curry is a huge Carolina Panthers fan.

He has openly admitted that he is a Panthers fan and he would rock out Panthers gear once in awhile.
He has invited Panthers payers to his games and he has also made visits to see the Panthers play.

The relationship between Curry and the Panthers are very strong.

Curry is having the time of his life right now. His team, the Golden State Warriors, is number one in the NBA and on their way to beating the 95-96 Chicago Bulls record. His favorite football team, the Carolina Panthers are going to the Super Bowl.
So, when asked how he was going to spend Super Bowl weekend, this is what Curry said:

"It will be a good 48 hours, a win and a win."

The reason why Curry said that was because...

the Panthers will be playing in the Super Bowl a night after Golden State hosts the Oklahoma City Thunder at Oracle Arena.

Curry also predicted a 24-17 victory for the Panthers and a Super Bowl championship. He added a "Hold me to it" after he made his prediction.

How are you guys planning on spending Super Bowl weekend? Do you think it's going to go the way as outlined by Curry?

The second one @mchlyang
Or is it just because he and OKC is going to beat the Warriors?
@KyleBerke Hahahaha is Kev Durant a Broncos fan?
I'm going to watch Kevin Durant and Peyton Manning ruin Steph Curry's weekend 😜