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Great dates aren't about location; they're about connection.

When I ask my friends what makes for an amazing time out with someone, they talk about personality traits rather than activities. Yet when it comes to planning dates, choosing a location remains a necessary evil. The point is to have an excuse to spend time with someone – however, it'd better be a pretty good excuse.
So where are some original and unique places for a date? Somewhere that will act as the perfect backdrop to your blossoming romance? Show off your creative side with these fresh ideas.

The Park

Go for an exploratory walk. Play on the playground. Push her on the swings. Pick flowers. Lay in a meadow and watch the clouds. Or bring a basketball or a pair of tennis rackets, and hit the courts. Pass a frisbee or soccer ball back and forth. Some of the best dates happen when you leave room for spontaneity.

Learn Something New

An interesting lecture, a cooking class, a swing dancing lesson... expand your horizons together. Doing something you've both never tried before gives you a chance to bond, and the conversations you'll have post-lecture are probably infinitely more interesting than those you'd share after the latest blockbuster. Plus, you'll definitely have fun and get some new knowledge out of the experience, no matter where the relationship goes from there.

The Sidewalk

Take a really long one-way walk. Do a dérive. See where the landscape leads you. You might just discover something totally new about your city. And then, when your feet hurt and you can explore so more, call an Uber and go grab something to eat.

The Beach

Three words: fly a kite. Or, if it's a particularly warm day, bring a blanket and enjoy the sunshine. Another romantic idea is going for a walk on the beach at night. It's quiet, it's secluded, and the stars make a great backdrop for a first kiss.


Tell them to dress up – you're taking them out for a fancy dinner. They might be a tad miffed when you pull into the Mickey D's parking lot, but it will all become clear when you produce placemats, cloth napkins, real plates, silverware, salt and pepper shakers, and a small flower vase out of your bag. Set the table and enjoy the reactions of other patrons. Oh, and extra points for drinking soda out of wine glasses.

A Weird Local Landmark

A dairy museum. The world's largest ball of twine. A fully operational Colonial-era farmstead. Find something weird and have a great time checking it out together. It may be totally cheesy, or it may end up being kinda cool. Either way, you'll get a great story out of it, and learn more about your date's sense of humor.

An Abandoned Ruin

Step One: Find somewhere dilapidated, rundown, and not-quite-safe. Step Two: Break in. Bring cameras and have the coolest photoshoot ever.

A Gallery (Or Several)

Ever been gallery hopping? Me neither. Hit up a local art gallery and try to sound smart talking about the art – or just bond while making fun of the more pretentious clientele. Either way, you're going to have a good time.

Think these would make a great date? Which one would you dare to try?

I agree that it's not about the place but the person who I'm with matters. I love simplicity and yet sincere. Has to come from the heart ♡. \( ^ 0 *)/
Yes, absolutely @1FallenAngel! :D It's all about the quality time and feelings you share. The date itself is just the backdrop :D
I think the more important is that the Time that you spend with each others , person and personality traits rather than buildings or good location or good looking.