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Hello everyone! Welcome to the next installment of the fan fiction prequel to Captain Criminal minds! I am so glad you all are enjoying this as much as I am!
JJ had had it all planned out since the moment he confessed just one week ago. He wanted tonight to be perfect. Tonight hevwad gonna show her just how much he loves her. When Raven opened her her door that morning, she found a large dress box wrapped in shiny paper that matched JJ's hair. She picked it up, reading the card to herself with a smile. "Morning my beautiful flower. Please wear this tonight. I'll be here to pick you up at 7. Always, Jamie." she read the note once more before going back into her room. "Jamie, you shouldn't have." she mused softly to herself, carefully opening the shiny blue paper to reveal a black dress, shoes and matching jewelry. The whole thing looked like it costed thousands. It made her blush. Of course he would know her exact size.
Once JJ was finished fidgeting with his hair he drove off to Raven's place in the 1963 Camaro that his mother got him for him for his birthday. He rang the doorbell, smiling ad Charles opened the door. "I'm here to pick up Raven" he said softly, jaw dropping as she came down the stairs. Raven was still hiding behind herself, but to him she looked beautiful because he could see past the mask. Raven took JJ's hand as he offered it, following him out to his car. "So, where are we going?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. She was curious as to what he might have planned, as she never knew what to expect with him. JJ smirked. "Ah, ah, ah, Raven my dove. That's why they call it a surprise."
The drive was short and JJ was first out of the car, opening the door for her and kissing her hand chivalrously. He smiled at her, leading her through the mansion and into a small, romantic dining room. He pulled her chair out for her. "Dinner will be served shortly, my princess." he promised, pushing her chair in for her before sitting across from her at his own place. JJ rang a small bell at his place and his butler came in, setting the plates of food he'd just made in front of them. He hoped she would like his cooking. He'd learned from his mother. Raven smiled as she watched this all unfold, blushing softly. No one had ever treated her like this before. She felt as though she really was a princess in a fairy tale getting her happy ending. "This is amazing, Jamie." she told him softly, taking a sip of the sparkling cider at her place. If this was any indication of what was to come, she wondered what he might have planned next.
After dinner was done, the butler took their food away, and JJ took Raven's hand, blindfolding her. He lead her to a large ballroom where a band played soft jazz music. He took off the blindfold, giving her a light kiss before leading her around the glass ceiling ballroom. They danced like that for hours, so much so she found herself a little dizzy. Then, at precisely midnight, JJ and the music stopped. He kissed her hand as lowered himself down to one knee, pulling a ring box from his pocket. "Raven Darkholm, even though I've only known you for a few weeks, I feel like we've known each other a lifetime. I love you, and want to spend the rest of my life showing you just how much that is. I guess what i'm asking is, Raven, Will you marry me?" Raven's hand clamped over her mouth as she realized what he was doing, and her heart swelled with more lovebthan she had ever felt in her life. She smiled widely, hand dropping as happy tears fell from her face. "Yes Jamie Of course i'll marry you!"
@XavierLopez it needed some romance after all the feels.
so much to take in!
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