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"Y/N. You know this isn't safe, right?" baekhyun said, smiling weakly. "Come on Baekhyun, it'll be fun!" You said grinning from ear to ear, looking up at the old Ferris wheel. It's one of your favorite places to go at night, but never have brought anyone here before you were nervous that he would find looking at stars lame. "Baekhyun, if you don't come up the bears are going to eat you" you said jokingly but knew all too well, he'd hike his little butt up the stairs. "See B! That was easy!" You said smiling next to a puffing baekhyun. "Are you going to telling me what was so important that you had to drag me out of bed at 12 in the morning?" Baekhyun asked while looking at his phone. You didn't answer right away, making him look up and seeing you smile and pointing at the stars. "Sight seeing, I've never brought anyone here before. It's relaxes me." you explained while watching the stars. "Stars relax you..?" Baekhyun asked while trying to look at both you and the stars. Nodding your head "Stars are nice, I got into them in sixth grade." You kept talking about them, not realizing that Baekhyun was watching you. "Y/N" he cut in, "Your face while talking about the thing you love is beautiful. You make this cute face when you start naming the constellations and when you move your arms to show me which ones which is amazing." You smiled weakly while looking down, your face burning. You've never spoken to anyone about what you loved like you did to Baekhyun. "Don't hide your face. You're beautiful." He said while lifting your face. Closing his eyes, you could feel his warm breath on your lips. I love you, was the last thing he said to you before he closing the distance between you and him. There it is guys! I hope you like it. 😅 I'm kinda new to writing so yeah. @CrookedShadow @katcollins02 @BelencitaGarcia