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So I was grocery shopping and Thor said to me. "Am I not handsome? Of course a man such as I is handsome. But there are other men...of lower rank who are not as handsome as I. Perhaps, we should share with the masses some items that I use to get sexy like the Thor from Asgard. The god of THUNDER!" So this Thorsday we are sharing some items that Thor uses to look good. Maybe you too could pick your favorite hero and make a card in what items they may use for beauty.
For smooth manly beard...Thor uses these items.
Want handsome manly hair use this product!
The family is already working with local affordable brands to help everyone get manly hair.
Thor washing body products and scents.... Currently he is using the twilight woods collection...
For strong manly teeth to crush the enemy
Thor approved manky lotion
To take the beard... and smooth facial skin
Thor loves the variety of lip balm scents and he loves to keep it simple for his lips.
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I'm just impressed by what my eyes see
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LOL! 💜 He's such a good role model!
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Aaaaaaa yessss this is perfect! I need the hookup on that shampoo XD
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