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What was your first impression of each member?
When I first saw N I thought he was REALLLYYY egotistcal. I don't know why, but he just struck me as the kind of person that thought really highly of himself, and felt that the other members were beneath him. I did notice how kind he treated Leo, so I just figured he had a soft spot for him. I was very very wrong. Now that I know how he actually is, I feel really guilty towards our precious Umma. I'm Sorry N. I love you now!!!!!!!!
Leo I loved Leo since the first second I saw him. Leo was the reason I looked up Vixx, and I was searching for something that shows how shy he is and I found it alright! I felt that Leo was really relatable and cute. Still feel that way now, my love for him has just developed more [and or spiraled depending on how you think].
Ken I wasn't really sure what to think of Ken. Ken was really out there, and I wasn't used to such dramatic idols in KPop at that time. Sadly, I felt like Ken was a little bit annoying. He just seemed to be screaming and crazy all the time, and I didn't see past that side of him. It took me time to get used to Ken's personality. Now, I love Ken way more than I care to admit.
Ravi Ravi was VERRRYYY confusing to me. For the longest time, I could not understand him in the slightest. Not a single little thing. Every tiny action seemed completly random and out of the blue, and I saw no reasoning for anything he did. Now I seem to learn more and more about him everyday. Ravi was just too dense for me to grasp for a LONG time.
Hongbin Hongbin was the first member, besides Leo, that I grew used too. I really liked Hongbin, as he seemed like a reluctant person to me. It intrigued me that he didn't seem to care much for what he did, but he still stayed for the members and for that reason I saw Hongbin as really heartwarming. To do this day, Hongbin is my second bias in Vixx. I still fear that sometimes he isn't happy being an idol, but I know better now how much he cares for the members and how great of a support system they are.
Hyuk To me Hyuk seemed like a precious little child. He felt like someone who was really childish and often got left out a lot by the members. At this point I had discovered how diverse off a group Vixx is and decided he was this way due to how different they all were. Since then I have learned a lot more about Vixx, and know now Hyuk is not as delicate as he first appeared. He has a snotty side to him as well.