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Another drama to add to your watch list!! Jungshin has just confirmed his participation in historical drama Sword and Flower!! Sword and Flower takes place during the Goryeo dynasty and tells the love story of a princess. This love story is forbidden because of so many things - but the most important one: He was the son of the guy who assassinated her father, the King. (gasp) Jungshin will act as Siwoo, Goryeo's then best swordsman and also bodyguard to the princess (I smell love triangle). OMG!!! I already love this drama just from the plot. Falling in love with your enemy's son? That's like the biggest tragedy! I really want to see how they are going to fit this into a romantic and heart-drenching (I assume) love story. This will be Jungshin's second drama after My Daughter Seo-young! Though he started off his acting career with a rough start (receiving a lot of criticism for his skills) but as the drama went by, he transformed into a real actor and amazed everyone! I hope he will wow them again with this. What do you guys think?
girls sorry but the previous plot was wrong. I have just corrected it. Turns out Jungshin isn't the lead actor :(
@oj1992 I tend to get bored easily :( and my daughter seo young has like 50 eps... but let me know what you think about it after!
He's a promising actor :) And this drama will come out in July
@chasinghapiness I may try My daughter Seo Young though ; ) Btw I love period dramas ! I love gazing at all the colorful costumes.
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