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Help I can't decide!
Hiei -fire demon -master swordsmen -Jagan eye (third eye on his forehead allows him to reads minds and gives him a power boost) -master of the Dragon of the Darkness Flame (all consuming dragon the destroys everything in its path) -super fast (like you don't even see him) -turns into a green multi eyed monster
Yoko Kurama -fox demon -controls plants and turns them into wepons -master strategist & all around genius -king of thieves -1000 years old -turns into a spirt fox
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so strength vs strength they both are on about the same playing field. Yoko has more brain but hiei makes up for it in determination. so itll come down to special attacks most likely. yokos plants are amazing but im not sure if any of them can withstand the darkness techniques. and some of yokos plants won't die until their prey has been consumed. so, with Yoko being just a hair faster than hiei, yoko would take the fight but only by a very small margin of speed.
@JaredCassibba Kurama being faster than Hiei... ha!
if you take into consideration that yoko is always thinking ahead. he can plan enough so that he can overcome that cap.
as much as I hate to say it hei especially if used that dragon flame attack ( sorry kurama I still love you)