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INFOMATION GENRE: Angst, Fluff. Word count: 396 I hope you enjoy. To get the full experience, i suggest you read it on wattpad (--click) with turning pages. Thank you!
April 15th 2016 Chanyeol, Why haven't you answered my question? I've been getting your letters and I've been replying. You didn't need to go and hurt me like that. If you read my last letter you'd know how and why I ended up with Kris. If you didn't read it that's YOUR fault. Stop playing innocent and acting as if you never received my letters. And you know what? yes, I danced with Tao in that video. Shit, I even kissed him. And I don't regret it one bit now. I warned you about the video coming out when you sent your first letter. YOU CHOSE NOT TO READ IT AND GOT HURT WHEN YOU SAW THE VIDEO I TRIED TO WARN YOU. Why are you still playing the victim? Instead of finding a way to take your anger out on me by acting like you never received the letter, why don't you try reading them? You'd get a lot of your questions answered. But i’m going to be just like you. You wanted to hurt my feelings, now I'll do the Same. I hope you know that I hate everything about you, everything. You're the biggest hypocrite I know. You're mad at me for kissing Tao? Did you forget what you did Chanyeol? If you did, I hope you figure it out soon. But I'm guessing to you, I'm just another slut right? Another slut that's kissed one of your old friends and is dating the other one. And to answer your question, yes Kris does sleep in our bed with me. I won't say anymore because just leaving you with that will drive you crazy in itself. I loved you once Chanyeol. Now, I'm not so sure. I hope this hurt you. I really do. You deserve it. I was so shocked at your responses to my letters but they made no sense. It was like I was writing letters and the words on the page weren't going through and you were just talking. I hope this makes you a better person. To think that I was going to invite you over because I missed you so much... how could you not message me back for 7 months Chanyeol? Did you not miss me? Did you not want anything to do with me? Was my best friend better? I hope she made you happy. Yours truly Your ex-fiancée
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Omo it's going down
well they need to work this out this ain't me anymore this chick and dude need to get some sexual healing and be married cause she just went off 😂😂😂😂😂
@ToppDogg all the letters are in the EXO collection. If you can't find them all in there you can read it on wattpad
indeed they do 😊 @VeronicaArtino
for real thats exactly what im thinking about @VeronicaArtino. 😫😫
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