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There are many factors that go into our decision on if someone else is confident or not. We pick up thousands of body signals that our brains then subconsciously translate into information about that person. And generally, this information is correct. At the same time that you are subconsciously analyzing someone, your body also gives off these cues. Sometimes they are habits that you have formed, and other times they are conscious actions. In this short course, Short Sweet Body Language, I will go over some of the habitats that may impact you negatively in the subconscious analytics of others.
In the picture immediately above, would you say that the woman contained in it, is attractive or not? Besides the symmetry of her face, which is a huge factor in our determination on her attractiveness, we can see that the eyes are doing a couple of great and luring things. First they are directed right at us. Which shows confidence, desire, and comfort. Next they are in a relaxed position. If her eyes were more pulled and squinted, they might degrade our overall view of her attractiveness. And finally, they look as if they are smiling. And they are.
While he isn't smiling in this photo, Bradley Cooper is giving off positive vibes through his facial expression. This makes him look far more attractive than the following picture.
Smiling with your entire face can be tiring over long periods of time and even make you look less attractive. However, smiling eyes do not take much work and boost your attractiveness value tenfold. To achieve this look, try looking in a mirror and smiling. Then drop the tension in your face (stop smiling) but hold your eyes in the same position. Works like a charm everywhere!
I just tried the smiling eyes technique. but half my face is bandaged. I'm going to try this next week
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Hahaha @BrendanFred @marshalledgar got some cosmetic surgery done!! He's our little champ lol. This is really cool, I love the side by side Bradley Cooper comparison!!
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