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Get to Know Nu'est 🙊
1. JR- Birth Name: Kim Jong Hyun Stage Name: JR (Junior Royal) Birthday: June 8, 1995 Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Main Dancer (My Bias)
2. Aron: English Name: Aaron Kwak Korean Name: Kwak Young Min Stage Name: Aron Birthday: May 21, 1993 Position: Vocalist, Lead Rapper (English Rapper), Lead Dancer -He's from Los Angeles, California
3. Baekho: Birth Name: Kang Dong Ho Stage Name: Baekho Nickname: Eye-Smiled Prince Birthday: July 21, 1995 Position: Main Vocalist
4. Minhyun: Birth Name: Hwang Min Hyun Stage Name: Minhyun Nickname: Shanghai Boy Birthday: August 9, 1995 Position: Lead Vocalist, Composer, Face of the Group *I dont know if its me but he really looks like Jin from BTS O.O *
5. Ren: Birth Name: Choi Min Ki Stage Name: Ren Birthday: November 3, 1995 Position: Vocalist and Maknae People confuse him as a girl Idk who to tag Lol *The info I got from a legit website on the internet*
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@dallasyamane xD Your gonna fall in love with them right away 😇
2 years ago·Reply
@jessicaacosta90 I'm already starting to fall for them from this post alone!
2 years ago·Reply
@dallasyamane muahahaha join usssss xD 😈
2 years ago·Reply
@jessicaacosta90 ahhh too many groups to keep up with! but i guess there's no turning back now 😅
2 years ago·Reply
@dallasyamane Lol yaasss they're so many groups ;-;
2 years ago·Reply