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Just as I'm recovering from Manila Social Club's $100 Golden Cristal Donut, it looks I just found a whole new donut fusion food crush!
Fellow foodies on Vingle, allow me to introduce you to the Cinnamon Roll Donut - a traditional glazed donut with a whole cinnamon roll baked inside.

Love donuts? Love cinnamon rolls? This is one of those treats that has you thinking:


The Cinnamon Roll Donut is the brainchild of NYC pastry chef Thiago Silva, who used to hold down the incredible dessert menu of Manhattan's trendy seafood restaurant, Catch - where the donut remains available for guests.
For $13 (which is still a little expensive, but definitely not as bad as the aforementioned $100 one), the Cinnamon Roll Donut comes with a scoop of pumpkin ice cream, a spiced rum sabayon, and cherry pomegranate sauce to enhance the flavor of spiced cinnamon.
(You might need to reread that twice if, like me, your brain kept going "YASSS FOOD YASSS!!!" that entire first time. Sometimes we just can't help it.)
So, I might be heavily biased here, but I want to hear from YOU:

Would you guys spring for this donut? Or is $13 for a donut still a little too steep for you?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more strange but epic products from around the globe, follow my SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY collection!
@AnimeLove300 There is nothing that bacon can't improve
@AnimeLove300 I don't know how you pulled it off but you just made this dessert more perfect. I'm speechless 馃槮
slather on some bacon and I'll pay more for it 馃構
This could be it guys. The best idea for a desert food. I've finally found it. Better believe I'd pay $13 for this. Don't even have to think about it.
@MattK95 yeah, donuts usually get too rich too fast for me too!
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