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Skywalking is one of the latest trends to come out of Russia, a country known for wild freeway melees, DIY bungie jumps, and guys sitting on top of explosive barrels. Participants of skywalking climb to the highest point they can find and take pictures of themselves standing as close to the edge as possible. The images from these stunts are completely vertigo-inducing. Now a Ukrainian daredevil is taking the concept one step further by actually hanging himself over the side, which is being described as skyhanging. Known only as Mustang Wanted, the 26-year old thrill-seeker has a series of photographs of him dangling off the side of skyscrapers, scaffolding, and radio antennas. For those who suspect these images must be photoshopped, we invite you to watch a couple of his videos. To find out more about this high-flying individual, check out his website: mustang-wanted.com