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I know that there are a lot of cards on how people come to the dark side. A.K.A kpop. Well I did it guys. I made my friend come to the dark side.
She's addicted to B.T.S now. Have you guys ever made your friends come to the dark side?? Tell me your story thanks for reading!!!
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*cough then quickly says* My best friend and little sisters *cough* they love every one specially bts, snsd, vixx, got7, seventeen, teen top, suju, sistar, 4minute, shinee, big bang, tvxq, shinwha yeah it could go on...we all learn the dances to so it's fun
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@Gossamokewen95 kpop is going to take over. i feel it!!
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I mean it just creeps on ya when u least expect ir haha
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I have brought 2 friends to the dark side......I FEEL SUCCESSFUL
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I try too but it doesn't work
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